Web Development: From Start To No Finish – A Checklist

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Are you an aspiring web developer? I was an ‘aspiring’ web developer for quite some time. Starting a career in any field can be daunting, especially one like web development, but here you are moving up in the learning process!

You have probably completed one or more courses in web design and development. You are familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and some front-end or back-end frameworks. Once upon a time, you had all the necessary questions with hardly any satisfying answers – Am I good enough for this path? Would I be able to compete with the numerous experts out there? [Look out for my future posts addressing this matters]

Commendations for coming this far. It’s time to build your first web project. Here’s a checklist to guide you!

1. Research, Research, Research

The first step has an official name: Requirements Gathering. You get to answer questions like: What is the purpose and scope of this website or web app? Who is my target audience? What technologies would I use? Do I need to learn a new language or tool?. A thorough feasibility study is also required at this stage. If this project is for a client (usually a family member or a friend for your first project), you may want to check out what competitors in the field have done on their sites.

Note that this step never ends throughout the development process.

2. Choose your Hosting and Domain

It’s time to research where you want to put your site {I did tell you research would never end.} There are a lot of web hosting companies online. Choose one that fits the needs of your site but are also affordable in the long run. Some hosting companies offer cheap rates for the first year, ensure you find out the normal rates before buying. 

3. It’s Time to Design

After setting up your hosting and domain, the time has come to apply all you’ve learnt and practiced in your web development courses. Plan your website content and layout, color theory, typography, etc.  If you are using WordPress like me, research for a good theme and plugins that would improve your site. After preparing all you need, laying it all out, you can then develop your site. It’s okay to make changes where necessary. Make sure to write clean code and do fall in love with commenting – saves you a lot of stress in future.

4. Dot your i’s and Cross your t’s

Your website is complete – NOT. Crosscheck everything you’ve done. Check all links and buttons.  Test for errors and strive to make your site simple to use and mobile responsive.

5. Congratulations on Completing your Project

Or so you thought. Well, you did complete development of the site and for that, Congratulations! You can throw a party… However, like a completed house, your website/app needs  to be maintained. Every once in a while, test to confirm that your site still works well, add updates and remove outdated information, and after a few years, redesign your website!

The saying goes: It’s not over till it’s over. Well this is the end of this article. Hope you enjoyed it, Let me know in the comments!

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