Mojud Global

The Problem

Mojud Global contrated us to create a website for their organic healthcare services. They wanted an e-commerce website to showcase their products in order for customers to place orders for the products.

The Solution

We presented to Mojud Global a complete design of their E-commerce website. It was built with WordPress and the integration of the Woocommerce plugin. The website is generally appealing and the product pages are informative. See live website >

The Process!

The entire process began with a meeting eith the client – Mojud Global Services Nigeria Ltd – to discuss the requirements of the site. Brainstorming for the domain name and purchase of the domain and hosting plan commenced, after which the website was designed based on the requirements earlier discussed and implemented using WordPress and woocommerce.  

Colour Palette

Mojud Global’s color palette was formed from their chief product as seen in the image below.


The Fonts chosen for the site are Merriweather and Lato – a good choice for a corporate website.


Josefin Slab



Open Sans



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