The Problem

Larrymovers and company Ltd wanted a complete website makeover from their formerly traditional but boring design concept. Their goal was to showcase their range of services and to direct customers to their company using contact forms and CTAs.

The Solution

A complete redesign of larrymovers website. WordPress was used for the original design and I continued with it. Images that fit the design were also sourced for and edited to give the website a more professional look. Features include home page sliders, call to Action boxes and working contact forms. See live website >

The Problem

The Process!

The Website Redesign for Larrymovers began with a complete analysis of the current design. Discussions and collaborations ensured that the new design meets the needs of the client and appeals to them. 

Colour Palette

Larrymovers current logo formed the basis for the blue-themed colour palette!


The Fonts chosen for the site are Merriweather and Lato – a good choice for a corporate website.







Results and Deliverables

website development mockup for larrymovers

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