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Working with various devices for web design: web hosting

Five Best Web hosting companies 2021

You are all set up to build your website, and now you have a crucial decision to make: Where should I host my website? You would most likely want the best web hosting service provider that fits your budget. First though, what is web hosting? Web hosting refers to where...

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how to create a website main image showing desktop with website

How to create a website (The 3 ways compared)

One of the most searched topics on google is “How to create a website.” Grab a note, let’s talk about the three ways to build a website and how to get started with your website. Method 1: Create a website with a Website Builder You may wonder, what is a...

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Laptop for web development

Web Development: From Start To No Finish – A Checklist

Are you an aspiring web developer? I was an ‘aspiring’ web developer for quite some time. Starting a career in any field can be daunting, especially one like web development, but here you are moving up in the learning process! You have probably completed one or more courses in web...

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